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Personal Shopper

If you have trouble ordering online we can shop on behalf of you. It is too easy to buy from all merchant with Personal Shopper option. You can purchase from various online shops and even actual stores.

What products you want to purchase

Using  BUY2ME page you can easily place an order request.

We will check availability and purchase products

We will check if the products are available to purchase and we will email you total price including our fees. After you submit your request, one of our Personal Shopper experts completes the purchase. Your account is billed for the actual cost of the purchase plus a Personal Shopper service fee.
If you have enough money in your deposit we will make the purchase immediately. Otherwise we will notify you as to how much you still owe.

Once received we add them to your inbox

Once we receive your products in our warehouse, we enter them as packages on your account. it will appear in your Inbox and be available for shipment to you as usual.

Personal Shopper FAQ

We may require a wire transfer from you if the Personal Shopper order exceeds €500.

All Personal Shopper orders will be sent to your TR2ME Istanbul address. No orders will be shipped to any other addresses. This is to ensure all items are received correctly. We open and inspect each order for accuracy and completeness. We also take photos of the order so that you too can verify the order prior to shipping.

We will return any orders in accordance with the seller's return policy. All shipping fees to return the order will be paid by you. Once the seller receives the returned package and we have confirmed the refund, your TR2ME account will then be credited for the amount that was refunded for the returned order.

This credit will be used before we invoice your credit card again. We will use the credit to pay for your next Personal Shopper order, shipping costs, or membership fees.

No Personal Shopper refunds will be returned back to your credit card. The Personal Shopper ordering fees are not refundable.

Personal Shopper will not participate in the bidding process. Once you have won the item or choose the BUY IT NOW option Personal Shopper will purchase the items. To complete this payment on your behalf, you will need to provide us with the seller’s Paypal email address or the bank account number.

Once the item is purchased, it is your responsibility to stay in contact with the seller to ensure the merchandise arrives promptly and safely to your mailbox.

1. Please click BUY2ME button

2. Please complete the from and tell us what you want to buy

After you submit your request, we will prepare an order and wait your payment.

When you do payment one of our Personal Shopper experts completes the purchase.

As soon as your merchandise arrives our Istanbul facility, we will inform you by e-mail. You can put them either storage or give us intruction to send merchandise.

According to your confirmation we will send your order to you.

Your TR2ME account is billed for the actual cost of the purchase plus a Personal Shopper service fee.
The Personal Shopper Department is available by phone or email Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

It is your responsibility to ensure all items are in stock before requesting the items through our Personal Shopper service. If an item is not available, we will cancel the item that is not available and will process the rest of the order, unless you have provided other specific instructions.

When you order your items and one or more of your item(s) are not available you can choose to either:

1. Cancel the item, purchase all other available items. OR

2. Cancel all items from the site.

Note: The above selection is available when you submit your order.

You can do your payment by credit card or PAYPAL. There is minimum fee of EUR 8 for all personal shopper orders. Personal Shopper fee will be non-refundable . This fee will be calculated according to your membership type as follows;

Standard members pay only %10 of order total value between 250 TL-500 TL.

Standard members pay only %5 of order total value over 500 TL.

Premium members pay only %6 of order total value between 250 TL-500 TL

Premium members pay only %3 of order total value over 500 TL.

Yes, you can edit or cancel your order after you submit it. Please login to your account and from history you can edit or cancel your orders. But please note that once it has been placed with seller we cannot change or cancel Personal Shopper order.

So before you want to do any changes check also status update of your order if it is in process, then buying will be done in any minutes. Please note that Personal Shopper ordering fees are not refundable.

If you decide not to purchase item, we may return it to seller as it arrives to our facility. Shipping cost of returning item will be charge to you.

There is one important difference between them. If you desire a product that you can't find from web who sell online or don't know where to find high quality with good price, then Personal Shopper Plus team deal with this product.

After investigation of market our team send you details and price of the product. If product suits to you, send us confirmation, then we will send it for you.Become your desire true with us and enjoy the shopping.

In Personal Shopper you find product from web and advice us details then we buy it for you.

Within 2 days we contact with seller and do payment of product.It will take 2 days to receive product in our facility. After we receive product we send you photos and description of product. According to your order we follow process.

Yes , If you find item online from web site which not sell online, tell us details we contact with seller on behalf of you and buy item for you by using our credit card.

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