Account Information

Yes, if you specify an another name to your shipment as a special note, we can send your package to this name.

Yes, we send different address, before you submit your shopping please change address box details manually.

Sure, if you want to change your membership type please email us.

  1. When we receive a package on behalf of you, we will send you an email notification with merchandise details.
  2. When you login to your TR2ME account, you can see your merchandise in your Inbox.
  3. Then, you can create a ship request and check the status of your shipments.

All TR2ME Pricing is displayed in EUR price.

International Shipping

Yes. If you need your package to be shipped as quickly as possible, you may select "Express" option while creating your order form.Express selection generally delivered within 1-2 business day.

The cost of a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight.

The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight.

The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.

All international carriers base their rates according to one higher of Actual Weight and Dimensional Weight. Actual weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale.

Dimensional Weight is based on the size of package and calculated by multiplying the Length by Width by Height and dividing the total by a "DIM Factor." So according to comparison between Dimensional and Actual Weight, your shipping price calculated. This method used by international carriers because dimension doesn’t always give actual weight' for example quilt and laptop will have different dimension and weight.

For Example:

If you have 15cm x 20cm x 25cm box with an Gross Weight of 1 kg;
15 x 20 x 25 / 5000 = 1,5 kg
with this calculation we will find out that your package has a Dimensional Weight of 1,5 kg:
As a result; we will charge it like 1,5 kg.

We charge a fee of €10 for shipping items which is in the list of dangerous or hazardous materials of international transport.

Common dangerous goods include perfume, nail polish, glue, paint and batteries. Some countries do not allow the import of these items; please visit Ship Globally page to see if your country will allow us to ship dangerous goods.

The transit times according to your selection as follows;

  • Express shipping: 1-2 business days
  • Economy shipping: 3 to 4 business days

Click here to find out more about Services & Pricing including transit times in your area

When we receive your package we send you a notification by e-mail. You can decide when we should send your shipment. Premium and Standard Membership have free storage option. Just tell us time and we send as express for you. You can also give us order to send your shipment every week, every biweekly or every month. You may select these options and even you may also specify the day.

For express shipments, our primary couriers are DHL.
For our economic service our system will select the most economical courier.
If you select surface mail, we will send your package via Turkish Postal Service.

Because we consolidate your shipment and discard unnecessary boxes or samples that may make your packages heavier. After we prepare your package for shipment we can provide final shipping cost.

Yes, we can send your packages to you anywhere in the world.
Click here for our shipping rates for different countries.

Yes, we consolidate all shipments into one package and advise you details. We check products and send you photos of each items.

Package Handling

Because of security issues only authorized person can enter our warehouse. But if you are in Turkey we can send your package at your address.

Yes, you can add additional names on your account. You may send gifts to your family, friends, colleague or beloved with this way easily.

Yes, if you order same object in one package, we can split them into two packages. There is a € 5 Fee per package to provide this service. You may send packages to different address as a gift or you may choose to have split item discarded.

To set your Shipping Preference please complete following steps:

  • Log in to your TR2ME account
  • Click “Account Settings”
  • Click “My Shipping Preferences”
  • In the “Shipping Options” section,
    • Hold: We will hold your packages in your area until you submit a ship request.
    • Weekly: Once per week, we will consolidate all packages in your area and ship them to you.
    • Biweekly Week 1 and 3: We will consolidate all packages in your area and ship them to you during the first and third week of each month.
    • Biweekly Week 2 and 4: We will consolidate all packages in your area and ship them to you during the second and fourth week of each month.
    • Montly: We will consolidate all packages in your area and ship them to you during the second week of the month.
    • Urgent: We will ship your package to you, without consolidation, as soon as it arrives at your area.

15 days storage is free for Standart Membership and for Premium 60 days storage is free.

Payment Questions

In order to reduce international transaction fees, TR2ME consolidates many individual charges into one invoice at the time of shipping. The invoice you receive for your package will detail one line item for each service you requested as well as the shipping charges. We will total these charges, show them as the total cost for the package, and charge this amount to your payment method.

All TR2ME Pricing is displayed in EUR Price.

The CVN is a security code that is visible, in print, on either the front or the back of all major credit cards. For Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards, the card code is a separate 3 digit number located on the back of your card on or above your signature line (The panel will contain either your entire card number followed by the three-digit code OR the last four digits of your card number followed by the three-digit code).

For an American Express card, it is a separate 4 digit number on the FRONT above the end of your card number. The purpose of this code is to help validate that a genuine card is being used during a transaction, especially in situations like mail orders, telephone orders or Internet orders where the card is not present.

The CVN is uniquely associated with the plastic card that is issued to the Cardholder and is never printed on a receipt or cardholder statement, nor may it be stored in a merchants' computer system.

There are a number of reasons your bank may decline our attempts to charge your credit card. Common reasons why your credit card may not accept our charges include:

  • Credit card expired
  • Credit card number changed
  • Credit card has insufficient funds
  • Credit card not authorized to accept international or Internet transactions
  • Security code/card verification number (CVN) required to complete transactions

This list includes some of the most common reasons why credit cards decline charges, but your bank may have more specific information about this particular issue.
If your bank recently declined a transaction and you are unsure of the reason, please contact the bank for more information. In many cases, you can find the telephone number for your bank on the back of your credit card.

Personal Shopper

We may require a wire transfer from you if the Personal Shopper order exceeds €500.

All Personal Shopper orders will be sent to your TR2ME Istanbul address. No orders will be shipped to any other addresses. This is to ensure all items are received correctly. We open and inspect each order for accuracy and completeness. We also take photos of the order so that you too can verify the order prior to shipping.

We will return any orders in accordance with the seller's return policy. All shipping fees to return the order will be paid by you. Once the seller receives the returned package and we have confirmed the refund, your TR2ME account will then be credited for the amount that was refunded for the returned order.

This credit will be used before we invoice your credit card again. We will use the credit to pay for your next Personal Shopper order, shipping costs, or membership fees.

No Personal Shopper refunds will be returned back to your credit card. The Personal Shopper ordering fees are not refundable.

Personal Shopper will not participate in the bidding process. Once you have won the item or choose the BUY IT NOW option Personal Shopper will purchase the items. To complete this payment on your behalf, you will need to provide us with the seller’s Paypal email address or the bank account number.

Once the item is purchased, it is your responsibility to stay in contact with the seller to ensure the merchandise arrives promptly and safely to your mailbox.

1. Please click BUY2ME button

2. Please complete the from and tell us what you want to buy

After you submit your request, we will prepare an order and wait your payment.

When you do payment one of our Personal Shopper experts completes the purchase.

As soon as your merchandise arrives our Istanbul facility, we will inform you by e-mail. You can put them either storage or give us intruction to send merchandise.

According to your confirmation we will send your order to you.

Your TR2ME account is billed for the actual cost of the purchase plus a Personal Shopper service fee.
The Personal Shopper Department is available by phone or email Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

It is your responsibility to ensure all items are in stock before requesting the items through our Personal Shopper service. If an item is not available, we will cancel the item that is not available and will process the rest of the order, unless you have provided other specific instructions.

When you order your items and one or more of your item(s) are not available you can choose to either:

1. Cancel the item, purchase all other available items. OR
2. Cancel all items from the site.

Note: The above selection is available when you submit your order.

You can do your payment by credit card or PAYPAL. There is minimum fee of EUR 8 for all personal shopper orders. Personal Shopper fee will be non-refundable . This fee will be calculated according to your membership type as follows;

Standard members pay only %10 of order total value between 250 TL-500 TL
Standard members pay only %5 of order total value over 500 TL

Premium members pay only %6 of order total value between 250 TL-500 TL
Premium members pay only %3 of order total value over 500 TL

Yes, you can edit or cancel your order after you submit it. Please login to your account and from history you can edit or cancel your orders. But please note that once it has been placed with seller we cannot change or cancel Personal Shopper order.

So before you want to do any changes check also status update of your order if it is in process, then buying will be done in any minutes. Please note that Personal Shopper ordering fees are not refundable.

If you decide not to purchase item, we may return it to seller as it arrives to our facility. Shipping cost of returning item will be charge to you.

There is one important difference between them. If you desire a product that you can't find from web who sell online or don't know where to find high quality with good price, then Personal Shopper Plus team deal with this product.

After investigation of market our team send you details and price of the product. If product suits to you, send us confirmation, then we will send it for you.Become your desire true with us and enjoy the shopping.

In Personal Shopper you find product from web and advice us details then we buy it for you.

Within 2 days we contact with seller and do payment of product. It will take 2 days to receive product in our facility. After we receive product we send you photos and description of product. According to your order we follow process.
P.S: If it is a traditional Turkish product it can take a time, we will let you know.

Yes , If you find item online from web site which not sell online, tell us details we contact with seller on behalf of you and buy item for you by using our credit card.

Problem Merchandise

We are allowed to ship perfume to certain countries.
Click here to see if your country will allow perfume to be shipped.
A special handling fee of $10.50 is required to ship perfume.
If your country is not listed, then perfume cannot be shipped.

No. TR2ME will not ship any product that appears to be related to police, government or military activity. Common police and military items include, but are not limited to:

  • Badges
  • Body Armor
  • Protective Clothing containing Body Armor
  • Police batons
  • Handcuffs
  • Surveillance equipment

Please see our list of prohibited items for more information. If you are unsure whether a product is considered a police or military item, please contact your account manager for assistance.

No. TR2ME will not ship any product that appears to be a weapon, a weapon part or an accessory to a weapon. This limitation includes, but is not limited to, items restricted by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR. Common gun and weapon accessories include, but are not limited to:

  • Holsters
  • Shoulder straps
  • Gun cases
  • Scopes, Lights, or Sights
  • Items equipped with Night-vision
  • Bayonets
  • Items equipped with Lasers

Please see our list of prohibited items for more information. If you are unsure whether a product is considered a weapon OR accessory, please contact your account manager for assistance.

Dangerous goods/hazardous materials are defined as items that require special handling, additional packaging and labeling in order to be transported internationally.
These items MAY or MAY NOT be allowed to ship to your country. Shipping Dangerous Goods is country-specific, and may depend on the courier you choose to ship with, including DHL or Fedex. You may not ship Dangerous Goods by USPS.
Just because your country allows the import of the item, doesn’t mean the carrier is licensed to handle and transport Dangerous Goods to your country.
Examples of items that are considered Dangerous Goods include: items under pressure or flammable like hairspray, spray paint, lighters, nailpolish, and perfumes.
Please view our Prohibited Items page for more information or contact Customer Service for specific information about your country and the particular items you wish to ship.

Please review our Prohibited Items page to see a complete list of restricted items per country.
The following list is a non-exclusive sampling of items that are either restricted, cannot be shipped or, depending on your destination country, may either require an import license, additional documentation and/or cause problems and delays during the customs review of your shipment:

1. Combustible/flammable items (paints, oils, lighters, nail polish, perfume - certain countries allow perfume, click here to see if your country is listed)
2. Any type of pressurized can (hair spray, shaving cream, spray cans of any type)
3. Hazardous materials (matches, chemicals, explosives, propellants)
4. Firearms, weaponry and their parts: military, police and tactical equipment of any kind, including guns, gun replicas, gun accessories, gun components (magazines, clips and rail systems), ammunition, swords, crossbows, discharge weapons such as shock batons or stun guns, tooling for guns or gun parts, optical scopes, laser sights, night sights, night visions goggles, handcuffs and other restraints, surveillance equipment.
5. Firearm or weaponry accessories including holsters, shoulder straps, gun cases, scopes, laser sites, night-vision sites, bayonets or tactical gear.
6. Agricultural products such as tobacco, plants and seeds.
7. Coffee
8. Perishable foods
9. Animals and products made with animal skin (furs)
10. Alcohol (TR2ME can ship table wine in limited quantities to most countries except Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia)
11. Cash, currency, money orders, cashiers' checks, bank drafts, bearer bonds and collectible stamps and coins. Jewelry and precious stones are (a) restricted to some countries and (b) can only be insured up to $500 maximum and any shipments of jewelry in excess of $500 carriage limit is uninsured and Member assumes all risk of loss above such limit
12. Lottery tickets and gambling devices
13. Prescription and/or veterinary medication
14. Pornography
15. Lock picking devices
16. Government IDs and licenses, or items that claim to be, or that look similar to, government identification documents
17. Certain computers and computing devices, or electronics containing encryption functionality
18. Certain navigation and avionics equipment, marine equipment and space-related equipment.

Which Membership

Choose PREMIUM Membership; This gives you excellent shipping rates and by using this membership more than once you gain more

Choose PREMIUM Membership; This allows your items to be stored free 90 days so you can purchase items in different times without paying extra storage charges. When you are ready, we consolidate your separate packages, STANDARD Membership allows only 30 days free storage and shipping rates is not economic as Premium Membership

Choose STANDARD Membership; While you won't benefit from the additional savings of Premium Membership, you will still enjoy low shipping costs for your items.
This allows you buying experience where once you buy, your package will immediately be shipped to your destination without any special requests.

Choose PREMIUM Membership; Personal Shopper allows you to buy without thinking payment problem. You can choose either STANDARD membership but we suggest you PREMIUM as you will pay lower percentage of fee