Best Online Store in Turkiye

Best Online Store in Turkiye

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Trendyol, is an e-commerce platform in Turkiye. The company officially started providing its services in 2010 and its headquarters located in Istanbul.

Since that time it has grown and expanded to become the largest e-commerce company in the country of Turkiye.

The results reveals that Trendyol is at its heart a tech company that provides an e-commerce platform for vendors and consumers. It provides a platform that allows its customers to purchase whatever items they want with a technology platform that ensures a smooth and efficient shopping experience.

Trendyol actively uses fifty technologies to power its website. It takes a team of IT workers to ensure that all of the technologies work together to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for visitors and users.

In August 2021, Trendyol has entered into agreements to raise $1.5 billion from a number of high-profile investors, valuing the Company at $16.5 billion. With this new funding, Trendyol becomes Turkiye’s first Decacorn.

This company has one of the largest customer bases of any business in the world. It provides an e-commerce platform that serves over 30 million shoppers. It has a delivery service that delivers over one million packages every day.

It is the owner of Trendyol Express, an in-house delivery solution that gets the packages to the consumers with its last-mile delivery service.

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